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YellowBites is a small company producing native software titles for the BeOS/Zeta platform. Our products will not run on any version of Windows, MacOS, Linux or any other operating system.

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November 18th 2005

The wait is over!

e-bug is the first online store to offer WonderBrush 2.0 on CD! Click Software then ZETA and there you have WonderBrush at the top of the list. The wait is finally over! Thanks to yellowTAB for making this possible, and thanks to them, more online stores will follow soon. We will keep you posted.

Upgrading your old WonderBrush license

As promised, WonderBrush 2.0 is a free upgrade to all users who have purchased WonderBrush after version 1.5 was released. But what if you purchased earlier? There are two ways to upgrade:

1) Go to Kagi and chose the Upgrade pre-1.5 WonderBrush license - keyfile option. The upgrade is about EUR 24.90. A keyfile will be shipped to you as soon as possible.

2) Go to Kagi and chose the Upgrade pre-1.5 WonderBrush license - CD option. The upgrade is EUR 34.90 including shipping. You will receive a keyfile as soon as possible after you purchase. Additionally a WonderBrush 2.0 CD will be shipped to you as soon as possible (which might take a little longer, since we have to handle this ourselves). Make sure we know your shipping address! Usually you have to provide this information to Kagi. Please email us when in doubt.

Prices are expressed including VAT.

We have everybody who ever received a keyfile in our database. If you chose the upgrade option but you have never previously purchased a keyfile, you will simply have to buy the upgrade again, thereby paying the full price for which you get a keyfile as if you purchased the full version to begin with. That scenario is the reason to make the upgrade price half the cost of the full price.

October 20th 2005

WonderBrush 2.0 went Golden Master!

When we first announced WonderBrush was going to be published on CD, I was thinking it was going to be the WonderBrush we had back then. But during writing all the documentation and designing the various cover arts, I still reserved some time to code on WonderBrush. And I am very happy about what came out of it. The release notes are longer than for any previous version! Many productivity enhancing features have made it into this release. It was not possible to include everything that users have ever requested. But many of the major items on the wish-list are now reality. I don't know how much longer until the CD is available for sale, but I would still like to conclude with "Enjoy!". :-)

October 1st 2005

You probably guessed it... we're working our butts off on this WonderBrush CD release. Many "most wanted" features will be a reality in the 2.0 release. For example, the Text tool has gotten a real layout engine. The rect tool supports round corners, we have Text to Shape conversion and much more! Currently, I'm busy with translating the German documentation (yes, there is real documentation now) into English, and then we're pretty much ready to roll. Hold your breath, it won't be much longer.

August 13th 2005

YellowBites is currently planning a CD release of WonderBrush. There will be one more release, 1.7.2, before the 2.0 release. It will include just the fixes, no new features. Everybody who has purchased a WonderBrush license after 1.5.0 was released, will be able to continue to use WonderBrush 2.0 when it comes out. Since many people have suggested that we're selling WonderBrush much under it's value, the new WonderBrush price will be EUR 49 including VAT.
We cannot give you a fixed release date for 2.0, but in the meantime, the price will stay at about EUR 23, and it is a great chance to order WonderBrush while the price is still so low. Should you have any questions about this move, please don't hesitate to contact us via email!

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