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WonderBrush is YellowBites software for doing graphics design on BeOS and Zeta. It combines many great under-the-hood features with powerful tools and an efficient and intuitive interface.

main window Anti-Grain Geometry

WonderBrush is based in part on the Anti-Grain Geometry 2D engine by Maxim Shemanarev. AGG is Copyright © 2002-2004 Maxim Shemanarev (McSeem).

WonderBrush is based in part on work of the FreeType Team.

WonderBrush is an editor for bitmap graphics. The main window holds any number of documents. Each can have any number of Layers. Depending on each Layers blending mode, they are composed on top of each other to form the final canvas bitmap. Each Layer can contain any number of Objects, which are created by the WonderBrush tools. Each Object has a set of Properties which define its unique appearance. At any time, it is possible to reorder the list of Objects through drag'n'drop, or to edit any of their properties. In a sense, the list of Objects forms the construction history of a Layer. This is not to be confused with the separate Undo history of a document though.


Free Download (BeBits page)

The software will run in demo mode, which means that saving native project files (that include layers and editable objets) is disabled. To unlock WonderBrush, a license must be purchased.


WonderBrush licenses are sold in two versions (all prices excluding VAT):

  • A single user license for use in commercial projects for EUR 43.00
  • A multi user (site) license for use in commercial projects for EUR 129.30

WonderBrush licences can be purchased online from

Both online stores offer somewhat different payment methods, have a look at each to see what suits you best. After having purchased, an email will be sent to you with a keyfile and instructions on where to install it. It's just a matter of unzipping a file and moving it to a certain directory. There is no problem updating WonderBrush when a new version becomes available. The keyfile will unlock all downloadable packages unless otherwise notified.

Upgrading from an old WonderBrush license

As promised, WonderBrush 2.0 is a free upgrade to all users who have purchased WonderBrush after version 1.5 was released. But what if you purchased earlier? There are two ways to upgrade:

1) Go to Kagi and chose the Upgrade pre-1.5 WonderBrush license - keyfile option. The upgrade is about EUR 21.50. A keyfile will be shipped to you as soon as possible.

2) Go to Kagi and chose the Upgrade pre-1.5 WonderBrush license - CD option. The upgrade is EUR 30.00 including shipping. You will receive a keyfile as soon as possible after you purchase. Additionally a WonderBrush 2.0 CD will be shipped to you as soon as possible (which might take a little longer, since we have to handle this ourselves). Make sure we know your shipping address! Usually you have to provide this information to Kagi. Please email us when in doubt.

Prices are expressed excluding VAT.

We have everybody who ever received a keyfile in our database. If you chose the upgrade option but you have never previously purchased a keyfile, you will simply have to buy the upgrade again, thereby paying the full price for which you get a keyfile as if you purchased the full version to begin with. That scenario is the reason to make the upgrade price half the cost of the full price.

System Requirements

To use WonderBrush, you need a computer running the Be or Zeta operating system. It will not run on any version of Windows, Linux or MacOS.

Generally, BeOS/Zeta and WonderBrush should run on most PCs. For a more detailed list on compatible hardware, please refer to the BeDrivers hardware matrix or the Zeta hardware compatibility list.

It is recommended to run WonderBrush on a computer with a native BeOS/Zeta graphics driver available, if your gaphics board is running in VESA compatibility mode, drawing operations will not be as fast.

Copyright © 1999-2005 Ingo Weinhold und Stephan Aßmus GbR "YellowBites"