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Common! It's true - yellow does bite. And it does deserve a website. And since we figured - no .com without the company, YellowBites was founded! Of course there is more to it, like BeOS and its cute yellow tabs! Actually, we do make BeOS software, and you can find out all about it at this very location!

Ingo and Stephan in Paris


YellowBites is a software company focusing on the BeOS/Zeta platform and was founded in July 2000 by Ingo Weinhold and Stephan Aßmus. We have a background of many smaller projects for the BeOS and in 1999, we started work on eXposer. This project started out of the simple need to have a decent animation system available for BeOS (and in general). After it became more and more advanced, we decided to get seriously involved with the software business.

After eXposer had formed into a mature product, we started a second major software title, which is the WonderBrush graphics editor.

We feel that we can meet the special demand of animators and animation studios as well as the needs of graphics designers and illustrators, since we are very much involved with this business. Stephan Aßmus is currently an animation student at the HFF Babelsberg and has worked professionally at the Hahn-Film studio as a Cleanup Artist Supervisor. Parallel to his study, he works in the advertisment industry as a professional illustrator. Ingo Weinhold has a very solid background of computer programming. He studied computer sience at the TU-Berlin. After his master thesis, he continued to work professionally on his project at the university. After that he has worked in the embedded software industry on the JAVA platform. Recently, he has quit his job to focus on YellowBites again.
This combination of experience in both the content creation and software development field enables us to develop high quality special purpose software with a strong focus on workflow.

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