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eXposer is our digital animation system for the BeOS/Zeta platform. The flexible tools in eXposer enable you to use the help of a computer for any traditional animation technique like drawn animation, stop motion puppet animation, cut out animation - anything that can be shot with a camera connected to your computer.

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Free Download (BeBits page)

The software will run in demo mode, which means that saving project files is disabled and exporting to AVI/Quicktime will have a text rendered on top of the video. To unlock eXposer, a license must be purchased.


eXposer licenses are sold in three versions (all prices excluding VAT):

  • A single user license for use in non-commercial projects for USD 40.-
  • A single user license for use in commercial projects for USD 250.-
  • A multi user "workstation" license for use in commercial projects for USD 1000.-

eXposer licences can be purchased online from

Both online stores offer somewhat different payment methods, have a look at each to see what suits you best. After having purchased, an email will be sent to you with a keyfile and instructions on where to install it. It's just a matter of unzipping a file and moving it to a certain directory. There is no problem updating eXposer when a new version becomes available. The keyfile will unlock all downloadable packages unless otherwise notified.

System Requirements

To use eXposer, you need a computer running the Be or Zeta operating system. It will not run on any version of Windows, Linux or MacOS.

Generally, BeOS/Zeta and eXposer should run on most PCs. For a more detailed list on compatible hardware, please refer to the BeDrivers hardware matrix or the Zeta hardware compatibility list. To be able to use eXposer's capture module you need a compatible video-in device. The devices BeOS supports are generally very inexpensive, but deliver exellent uncompressed video quality.

It is recommended to run eXposer on a computer with a native BeOS/Zeta graphics driver available, if your gaphics board is running in VESA compatibility mode, drawing operations will not be as fast.

eXposer won an award at the BeNews Guru Awards.

guruAWARDS BeNews WINNER, 2000

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